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Alba Rosa Boer Cueva

Researcher, Law and Policy Frameworks

UNSW Sydney

Alba Rosa Boer Cueva is a PhD candidate at UNSW-Sydney, driven by a commitment to a transdisciplinary understanding of conflict, violence and peace. Alba holds a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Hons) from University College Maastricht, and a Master Degree in Human Rights Law and Policy from UNSW-Sydney. Her current research is particularly interested in the relationship between empowerment and (in)security as experienced and conceptualised by women in conflict-affected settings, such as Colombia. Her analysis not only encourages a critical examination of the instrumentalisation of women and gender in peacebuilding processes, but also specifically highlights the importance of engaging with women’s meaning-making and the strategic activism that can result from foregrounding women’s ways of knowing otherwise in conflict and peacebuilding. Her research aims to contribute to the generation of more meaningful analyses of, and partnerships across, various frameworks for peace and justice.

Areas of interest

Empowerment; Colombia; Women, Peace and Security agenda; feminist methodologies