New on the blog: Doing Women, Peace and Security better: Opportunities for the next UK National Action Plan


Land is widely recognised as an important catalyst for women’s empowerment, yet not much is known about women’s private land ownership and the importance of land ownership for women’s empowerment. In this study, we explore this association using primary data collected from 2000 households in Jaffna and Kandy districts, Sri Lanka.
This study interviews 21 migrant women and three third sector practitioners in the greater Beirut area in Lebanon. The interviews explored participants’ economic and socio-cultural drivers of migration, their living and working conditions, and their experiences of the multiple crises Lebanon is facing.
Dr Neelam Raina and Professor Brad Blitz give evidence on the UK's withdrawal from Afghanistan to the Defence Select Committee.
This document provides an overview of the situation of women and gender in Colombian society; politics and the economy amidst armed conflict and peacebuilding.
Frequent deployment of Ugandan military personnel simultaneously contributes to improved security in the immediate sense in some countries, but when protracted, deployments can have complex…
En el marco del trabajo que viene desarrollando el Gender, Justice and Security Hub adscrito al Departamento de Ciencia Política queremos reflexionar sobre la participación…
In recent decades, the devastating and disproportionate toll that armed conflict wreaks on the lives of women has garnered considerable and much-needed attention. Less studied,…

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