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Robyn Scott

Project Partner, Transformation and Empowerment

Committee on the Administration of Justice

Robyn Scott is Communications & Equality Coalition Coordinator for the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ), a Belfast-based human rights NGO committed to promoting justice and protecting rights. She is a professionally trained journalist and is Chair of the Management Committee of one of Northern Ireland’s leading women’s organisations, the Women’s Resource and Development Agency (WRDA). Currently, she is also completing a number of freelance projects in her capacity as a Communications Consultant. She has in excess of twelve years’ experience working in policy, public affairs, and, most extensively, public relations. Previous employers include Amnesty International UK, the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE), as well as a number of other local NGOs.

Areas of interest

Human rights; equality in Northern Ireland; women’s role in peacebuilding; gender budgeting, and gender policy