Turkey withdraws from the Istanbul Convention: An interview with Eren Keskin.

Quhramaana Kakar

Project Partner, Migration and Displacement and Transformation and Empowerment

Women for Peace and Participation

Quhramaana Kakar is a peacebuilder and peace and development practitioner. She works for the inclusion of women and youth in the decision making. Quhramaana is also the founder and director of Women for Peace and Participation, an organisation providing platforms for inclusion in Afghanistan and wider diaspora from conflict affected countries in the UK and Europe. She is a regular commentator on Afghan peace process and women’s inclusion in Afghanistan and internationally. Her 17 years of experience includes working with various international, academic and governmental institutions. She is the winner of the first N-Peace “Role model for peace” award from Afghanistan in recognition of her work.

Areas of interest

Women’s empowerment and women, peace and security; peace process in Afghanistan and the inclusion of women

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