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Professor K. Amirthalingam

Co-Director, Migration & Displacement

University of Colombo

K. Amirthalingam is a Professor attached to the Department of Economics, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and a Co-Director of the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub. His research interests are displacement, migration, public finance, and Sri Lankan economy. On the Hub, Amirthalingam is pursuing one project: gender and forced displacement. Amirthalingam is a researcher for several projects including IDRC funded “Involuntary Resettlement: A Cross Country Study on Urban Inequality” and “Poverty and Diasporas in Conflict Settings: Neglected Agents of Change”. His work has appeared in leading journals such as Journal of Refugee Studies, Disasters, Migration and Development.

Areas of interest

Displacement; migration; public finance; and Sri Lankan economy