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Kiran Rahim

Research Associate, Migration and Displacement


As a Human Rights Law graduate with a background in Politics and IR Kiran is currently a research associate at Laajverd. As a part of the hub, Kiran is currently working on migration and displacement projects: gendered dynamics of labour migration In Pakistan, gender and displacement Afghanistan and Return, Reintegration and Political Restructuring (Pakistan). Prior to Laajverd, Kiran worked in the development sector and teaching. She has taught courses on Human Rights in International Relations and International Humanitarian Law as a visiting faculty at International Islamic University Islamabad. Kiran also volunteers at community-based initiatives on youth development in Pakistan.

Areas of interest

Human Rights; humanitarianism; migration; displacement; rights-based policymaking; intersectional gender justice and environmental justice; transitional justice; gender and religion and politics; development and basic rights.