Turkey withdraws from the Istanbul Convention: An interview with Eren Keskin.

Fatima Hussain

Co-Investigator, Transformation and Empowerment

National College of Arts, Pakistan

Fatima Hussain is Assistant Professor at the Department of Fine Arts at National College of Arts, Pakistan. She is an independent curator and co-founder of artist collectives such as Laajverd and All-Story. Her work is a critical inquiry into geographies appropriated by hegemonic conceptualizations of space influencing the way creative practice is represented in postcolonial contexts. Fatima is interested in trans-disciplinary methodologies across fields and geographical boundaries in order to understand and mobilize a network of creative practitioners from South Asia. She is currently a recipient of LBF-AAN research grant (2018) investigating the emerging audiences of contemporary art in Pakistan.

Areas of interest

Cultural heritage; arts-based research methodologies; arts audience; postcolonial creative practice

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