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Dhana Hamal

Researcher, Transformation and Empowerment

Johns Hopkins University

Dhana Hamal is a Ph.D. candidate at the Political Science Department of Johns Hopkins University and a team member of the Women’s Rights Ater War Project (Nepal lead) conducted by Prof. Marie Berry of Denver University and Milli Lake of London School of Economics. She holds an MA in political science from the University of Toronto, where she focused on questions of constitutional federalism in periods of democratic transition, and a BA in Human Rights and Political Studies from Bard College. She has years of research assistantship experience on a large scale (N = 5,000) study of human trafficking vulnerability in Nepal, based out of UC Berkeley and Osgood Hall Law School at York University, Toronto. Her broad research interests lie at the intersection of feminist politics, constitutional structure and contested legal change.

Areas of interest

Feminist politics; constitutional structure; contested legal change