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Mai E’lemat

Project Partner, Transformation and Empowerment

Hayat-Rased Center

For the past 14 years, Mai is Leading research, projects, external evaluation, and training at the MENA region in the fields of NGOs management, social accountability, citizens engagement, gender and Security, and PVE using locally-based approaches that engage citizens, government, media, private sector, and donors. Mai authored one of the first studies on women and violent radicalisation in Jordan for the UN Women and valuated several government plans and strategies, i.e. Jordan’s OGP first and second plans, and the National Strategy for Human Rights 2016-2025. Mai is Member of the WB Group’s Expert Advisory Council on Citizen Engagement 2019-2021 and a member of the “Expert Hub on anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.”

Areas of interest

Gender and security; open government; CVE/PVE.