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Law and Policy Frameworks

For both SDGs 5 and 16 and the Women, Peace and Security agenda, successful implementation requires an alignment between global policy frames and centres of authority (such as the UN) and opportunities for change as they exist on the ground. For example, versions of ‘justice’, ‘accountability’, ‘participation’ or ‘protection’ favoured by donors and international agencies…
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Livelihood, Land and Rights

In the wake of violent conflict, demands for justice are often framed around accountability for violations of bodily integrity, but there is increasing recognition that ‘transitional’ justice and the WPS agenda should also address social and economic rights. This project identifies key gaps in the understanding of the relationship of these rights to gendered power relations…
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Masculinities and Sexualities

The Masculinities and Sexualities research stream interrogates the contribution of diverse forms of masculinity and sexuality to conflict dynamics, the new forms of gendered vulnerability around masculinity and sexuality produced in conflict, and the transformation of masculine and sexual identities by conflict…
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Methodological Innovation

The Methodological Innovation research stream focuses on assessing and improving the utility of research methodologies used in the security and justice sectors and providing expert methodological support to the Hub. The development of research here will form an important legacy of the Hub, as the project will be at the forefront of integrating methodological innovation with ethical considerations…
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Migration and Displacement

This research stream is organised around two premises: first, both conflict-induced displacement (international and internal) and migration in the post-conflict state are highly gendered; and second, the restructuring of the post-conflict state may give rise to competing tensions, including the creation of new opportunities and the exacerbation of ethnic, religious and gender-based divisions which deepen vulnerabilities…
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Transformation and Empowerment

The concepts of ‘transformative justice’ and ‘empowerment’ have become increasingly prevalent in literatures on achieving justice and gender equality. However, policies to transform conflict-affected societies by ‘building peace’, empowering populations and ‘dealing with the past’ through transitional justice, justice reform and rule of law promotion are usually poorly aligned with development policies…
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