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This article examines the social dynamics among survivors and amnestied Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ex-combatants living together in Acholiland, asking how and if Acholi survivors have forgiven Acholi LRA returnees, forgotten past violence and moved on.
By examining the work of the Sri Lankan RTI Commission over the past 2 years, this Article assesses whether RTI regimes and RTI commissions can be transformative in their impact, including to help realise SDG Goal 16
This comparative analysis shows that Social Network Analysis (SNA) can uncover the structural dimensions of interactions and enable learning about how networks evolve through time.
Project: Funding Transitional Justice Overview This article examines financial support for the International Criminal Court (ICC). We first consider how the ICC’s overall budget has…
This paper presents a cross-case analysis of five GCRF-funded Hubs and assesses their partnership evaluations, their methods and how they unearthed and addressed power asymmetries in order to create equitable partnerships. It makes recommendations for a framework of equitable partnership principles and evaluation measures.
In recent years, interest has grown in how Transitional Justice (TJ) can approach colonial harms and their long-lasting effects, because of a lacuna in both TJ practice and academic research. Scant attention has been paid, particularly, to how peace processes themselves can be undermined by ongoing colonial legacies.
Project: Gender and Conflict Transformation Recent years have felt like an exercise in constant whiplash as lawyers and scholars valiantly seek to assess and comprehend…
De acuerdo con todas las comparaciones internacionales, América Latina es la región más violenta del mundo, con las tasas de homicidios más elevadas y con…