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This publication is a book review of the volume Knowledge for Peace: Transitional Justice and the Politics of Knowledge in Theory and Practice, edited by Briony Jones and Ulrike Luhe, and published by Edward Elgar in 2022.
Tow open hands painted on a wall with green shoots coming up out of them.
This brief report examines the changes in the Hub and its projects’ methods and methodologies over time, as well as the role that the Hub has come to play in shifting members’ thinking on methods and methodologies.
In this episode, hosted by Kirsten Ainley, Hubcast guests – Marsha Henry, Choman Hardi, and Keshab Giri – dive into the messiness of fieldwork in feminist approaches to international studies.
This report assesses progress on responses to conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) to date, explores available good practice elsewhere, and identifies key risks for future Defence engagement.
This comparative analysis shows that Social Network Analysis (SNA) can uncover the structural dimensions of interactions and enable learning about how networks evolve through time.
Project: Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovation Overview As part of the Hub’s ongoing project ‘Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovations’, within the Methodological Innovation stream, we…
Project: Funding Transitional Justice Overview This article examines financial support for the International Criminal Court (ICC). We first consider how the ICC’s overall budget has…
This policy brief shows the possible uses of participatory methods throughout all stages of the project life cycle for peacebuilding and conflict transformation practitioners.