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Women's Rights after War

This project maps post-conflict women’s empowerment outcomes (how empowerment initiatives have been implemented and experienced in practice), focusing on who benefits and who remains marginalised in their realisation. The project will build research capability in the focus countries of Afghanistan, Bosnia, DR Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Nepal, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Uganda. In addition, the project will provoke recognition among global donors and women’s rights organisations of the disparate impacts of gender reforms for differently situated women. Based on fieldwork with in-country researchers, the project will result in stakeholder engagement, academic publications and a database available on the project website. 

Project website:

Twitter: @wrawproject

Hub member(s):
Dr Marie Berry, University of Denver
Dr Milli Lake, London School of Economics
Sinduja Raja, University of Denver
Luisa Salazar, Universidad de los Andes
Gnei Soraya Zarook, University of California, Riverside

Project Partners

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