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Social and Economic Justice and Conflict Transformation

Understanding the form and substance of socio-economic rights protection in conflict transitions enables better policy and transformative conflict engagement. To this end, this project will improve knowledge of the role of social and economic rights in peace agreements, and examine how civil society organisations can use peace agreements as levers for socioeconomic transformation with Northern Ireland as a case study and comparator with Colombia, Israel-Palestine, Sri Lanka and Uganda. Drawing on literature and interviews, the project will produce academic publications, a non-academic publication focused on Northern Ireland, a policy paper on options for including socioeconomic rights and other levers for social change in peace agreements, video interviews and blogs for non-academic audiences.

Hub member(s):
Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain, Queen’s University Belfast
Dr Lina Malagon, Ulster University
Professor Rory O’Connell, Ulster University
Robyn Scott, Committee of Administration of Justice

Project Partner