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Rights Research with Social Media

The research examines the characteristics and implications of backlash to transitional and gender justice, particularly as expressed on social media, among academic and activist circles in Guatemala, Colombia, Uganda, and Sri Lanka. The project aims to improve our understanding of the relationship between social media and backlash to transitional and gender justice among social media companies and relevant international institutions. Using a combination of desk-based research and fieldwork interviews, the project will produce academic publications, policy papers and a database of backlash in social media.

Hub member(s):
Dr Kirsten Ainley, Australian National University
Geoff Dancy, Tulane University
Claire Wilmot, London School of Economics and Political Science

Image credit: Essam Sharaf (CC BY-SA 2.0)


In the early hours of Nov. 4, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed  shut down  telecommunications and deployed troops to his country’s northern  Tigray region .…

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