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Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovation

This research explores the understanding and utility of innovative methodologies among researchers and research communities with a particular focus on research generated within the Hub. Featuring a report on innovative methods used across the Hub’s research, the project’s outputs include curated creative productions, blog posts and an academic publication.

Hub member(s):
Dr Caitlin Hamilton, University of Sydney
Professor Laura Shepherd, University of Sydney
Jihyun kim, University of Sydney
Dr Keshab Giri, University of Sydney
Alba Rosa Boer Cueva, UNSW Sydney

Image credit: UN Women (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Project Publications

This brief report examines the changes in the Hub and its projects’ methods and methodologies over time, as well as the role that the Hub has come to play in shifting members’ thinking on methods and methodologies.
Project: Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovation Overview As part of the Hub’s ongoing project ‘Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovations’, within the Methodological Innovation stream, we…
The UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub is a multi-partner, five-year research consortium working with local and global civil society, practitioners, governments and international…
As part of the Hub’s Methodological Innovations stream, Caitlin Hamilton surveyed members of the Hub in September 2020 to understand the kinds of methods being…

Project Partners