New on the blog: The trafficking and geopolitical dynamics of the emigration crisis on the Polish-Belarussian border.

Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration

The research seeks to contribute to a gender-sensitive understanding of the interaction between economic and socio-cultural drivers of labour migrations in different cities in Kurdistan, Iraq; Lebanon; Pakistan; Turkey. In particular the project will lead to a better understanding of how migrant women use urban spaces. Based on stakeholder consultation and fieldwork interviews with migrant women, the project will produce academic publications and policy papers along with stakeholder workshops and training for researchers engaged with gendered labour migration and urban change.

Hub members(s):
Tahir Abbas, Laajverd
Dr Necla Acik, Middlesex University
Dr Jiyar Aghapouri, Middlesex University
Dr Zeynep Eren Benlisoy, Kadir Has University
Helena Berchtold, MOSAIC
Rondik Faris Abdullah, Barzani Charity Foundation
Zeeshan Ghani, Laajverd
Sidar Guney, Legal Aid for Victims of Rape and Sexual Harassment in Custody
Amna Javed, Laajverd
Eren Keskin, Legal Aid for Victims of Rape and Sexual Harassment in Custody
Professor Eleonore Kofman, Middlesex University
Dr Runa Lazzarino, Middlesex University
Dr Charbel Maydaa, MOSAIC
Shafqat Mehmood, Paiman Trust
Mossarat Qadeem, Paiman Trust
Kiran Rahim, Laajverd
Aneela Shamshad, Paiman Trust
Dr Ezgi Tuncer, Kadir Has University
Zulekha Zulekha, Laajverd

Project Partners

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