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Cross-Border Wars, Sexuality and Citizenship

The project examines how gendered transitional justice affects returnees and communities emerging from war violence. Typically resettlement packages, vocational skills and the option of re-absorption into existing state army and other defence/security forces are offered to men. Women returnees and women associated with armed conflict are viewed as vulnerable /survivors to be reintegrated into civilian life. Although some activities targeting women exist, women are rarely specifically targeted.

The project will deliver gender-sensitive transitional justice mechanisms that result in improved health and deployment policies for security officers. Based on ethnographic fieldwork, outputs include academic publications, and dissemination meetings with stakeholders alongside public radio broadcasts.

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Dr Grace Akello, Gulu University

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This article examines the social dynamics among survivors and amnestied Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ex-combatants living together in Acholiland, asking how and if Acholi survivors have forgiven Acholi LRA returnees, forgotten past violence and moved on.
Frequent deployment of Ugandan military personnel simultaneously contributes to improved security in the immediate sense in some countries, but when protracted, deployments can have complex…