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Changing SOGIE in Conflict, Peace and Displacement in the MENA

The research examines the impact of the Syrian War and attendant displacement on diverse SOGIE individuals and communities in Lebanon and Syria. It will also interrogate the ways in which different national and international/multinational institutions have responded to the needs of refugees with diverse SOGIE, and how this has changed the normative environment around these issues – and also led to tensions within the diverse SOGIE community. Based on fieldwork in both countries, the project outputs include academic publications, policy papers and stakeholder workshops.

Hub member(s):
Helena Berchtold, MOSAIC
Caroline Chayya, MOSAIC
Dr Charbel Maydaa; MOSAIC
Dr Henri Myrttinen, MOSAIC

Image credit: Rita Kabalan


There is to date little in-depth research on the impacts of the Syrian Civil War and attendant displacement on persons of diverse sexual orientations, gender…

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