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Women's Legal Assistance Organization (WOLA)

Women Legal Assistance Organization (WOLA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation founded in 2008 by the WADI organisation. The organisation works to stand up against violence against women and tries to eliminate gender discrimination in law. The organisation is also dedicated to support legal equality between men and women and advocate for women rights within the Kurdish Regional Government’s legal system.

What we do

  • Provide Legal Support
    Legal services and awareness raising for vulnerable women from the host, IDP and refugee communites
  • Provide Social Support
  • Case management services for women who faced domestic violence
  • Capacity Building
  • Legal training, workshops and seminars to raise awareness of women in order to be aware of their rights and utilize the legal provisions which protect them
  • Counselling
  • Legal and social counseling for family members of clients to strengthen family support.

Main Objectives

  • Protect the rights of women in Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  • Support legal reform towards gender equality
  • Provide legal aid for women
  • Legal support for women’s associations and organizations
  • Share information with and  between female legal experts to develop legislative initiatives
  • Collect data and information about women cases of domestic violence
  • Empower female legal professionals

Facebook: Women-Legal-Assistance-Organization-WOLA

Hub project(s):
Transitional Masculinity, Violence and Prevention

Hub member(s):
Shokhan Hama Rashid Ahmed