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Women for Peace and Participation

Women for Peace and Participation (WPP) is a non-partisan and non-profit organisation, which promotes the social and political inclusion of women and youth in peacebuilding processes at the grassroots, national and global levels. WPP works directly with marginalised individuals in conflict-affected countries, and provides opportunities and platforms for women and youth to enable them to participate in decision-making processes and policy debates. In addition to working directly with women and youth, WPP also works with their relevant diaspora and refugee populations. 

WPP has piloted programmes with Afghan communities in insecure areas and relevant stakeholders – including diaspora, refugees, international policy-makers and thought leaders – on devising strategies for durable peacebuilding. A substantial component of this work focuses on hard-to-reach and remote populations, building their capacity and enabling them to participate in policy-formulation and implementation at community, provincial and national levels. 

WPP, under the theme ‘United Women for Peace’ has developed a platform of women leaders from conflict zones, in the diaspora and refugee communities in UK, Europe and US with unique first-hand experience and skills of the local context as well as policies around Women, Peace and Security at the regional and global levels. 

Facebook: @WPPAFG

Hub project(s):
Culture and Conflict
Gender and Forced Displacement
Return, Reintegration and Political Restructuring

Hub member(s):
Jamal Abdul Nasir
Munazza Adil
Haroon Ahmadzai 
Abida Kakar
Quhramaana Kakar
Manizha Khan
Lema Omari
Zainab Yousofi