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University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is a partner on the Law and Policy Frameworks and Methodological Innovation research themes. The projects under the Law and Policy Frameworks research theme address development challenges in gender, justice and security by: gathering quantitative and qualitative data on the gendered impacts of donor policies, institutional structures and funding patterns on transitional justice and Women, Peace and Security; examining the ways in which women’s and civil society groups’ experiences of transitional justice interventions by international agencies and NGOs are affected by differential power relations and limited transparency; improving current understandings of the extent and effect of feminist transformations of international security practices; and generating unique policy and scholarly perspectives on the relationships between complex conflict settings, terrorism, counter-terrorism and fragile state.

The projects under the Methodological Innovation research theme focus on assessing and improving the utility of research methodologies used in the security and justice sectors and providing expert methodological support to the Hub. The development of research here will form an important legacy of the Hub, as the project will be at the forefront of integrating methodological innovation with ethical considerations. Researchers collecting high volume cross-national data have generally been slow to integrate ethical considerations into their work. This has significant implications for the robustness of inference, as well as for future researchers working in the same research site. The projects under this research theme will directly address these issues to improve the quality of research in this area.

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Hub project(s):
Donor Funding and WPS Implementation
Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovation
Narrating (in)security

Hub member(s):
Dr Caitlin Hamilton, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Methodological Innovation
Professor Laura J. Shepherd, Co-Director, Methodological Innovation