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University of Colombo

The Hub is joined by four researchers from the University of Colombo: Professor K. Amirthalingham, Visakesa Chandrasekaram, Neloufer de Mel and Danushka Medawatte. The University of Colombo joins our Transformation and Empowerment and Methodological Innovation Stream, analysing justice concerns across periods of conflict and peace, with a particular emphasis on historical injustices, socio-economic rights deprivations and the vulnerability of marginalised groups to justice deficiencies, as well as assessing and improving the utility of research methodologies used in the security and justice sectors.

Twitter: @ColomboUni
Facebook: @university.colombo

Hub project(s):
Gender and Forced Displacement
Innovative Methodologies and Methodological Innovation
Narrating (in)security
The Potentialities and Politics of Transformation

Hub member(s):
Professor Kopalapillai Amirthalingham, Co-Director, Migration and Displacement
Visakesa Chandrasekaram, Researcher
Dr Neloufer de Mel, Co-Investigator, Transformation and Empowerment and Methodological Innovation
Danushka Medawatte, Researcher