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University College London

University College London is a partner on the Methodological Innovation and Migration and Displacement research themes. The projects under the Methodological Innovation research theme focus on assessing and improving the utility of research methodologies used in the security and justice sectors and providing expert methodological support to the Hub. The development of research here will form an important legacy of the Hub, as the project will be at the forefront of integrating methodological innovation with ethical considerations. Researchers collecting high volume cross-national data have generally been slow to integrate ethical considerations into their work. This has significant implications for the robustness of inference, as well as for future researchers working in the same research site. The projects under this research theme will directly address these issues to improve the quality of research in this area.

The projects under the Migration and Displacement research theme are organised around two premises: first, both conflict-induced displacement (international and internal) and migration in the post-conflict state are highly gendered; and second, the restructuring of the post-conflict state may give rise to competing tensions, including the creation of new opportunities and the exacerbation of ethnic, religious and gender-based divisions which deepen vulnerabilities. The projects collectively analyse the gendered aspects of forced migration arising from conflicts and environmental disasters; the gendered dynamics of international labour migration; and issues of return, reintegration and socio-political restructuring in the wake of international, inter-regional and intra-state displacements.

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Hub project(s):
Gender and Forced Displacement
Research Methodologies for Women, Peace, Security and Health

Hub member(s):
Professor Brad K.Blitz, Co-Investigator, Migration and Displacement
Dr Ligia Kiss, Co-Investigator, Methodological Innovation