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Universidad de Los Andes

Universidad de los Andes is a partner on the Transformation and Empowerment research theme. The projects under the Transformation and Empowerment research theme focus on reconciliation and empowerment after conflict; the complex legacies and silences of transformative justice; improving gender equality and governance in unstable regime environments; and the contribution of culture to peacebuilding. Using legal, historical and conceptual work along with qualitative and survey data collection, the projects analyse justice concerns across periods of conflict and peace, with a particular emphasis on historical injustices, socio-economic rights deprivations and the vulnerability of marginalised groups to justice deficiencies. 

Twitter: @Uniandes
Facebook: @UniandesCol 

Hub project(s):
Political Economy of Reconciliation
Women’s Political and Economic Empowerment

Hub member(s):
Dr María del Pilar López-Uribe, Co-Investigator, Transformation and Empowerment
Dr Angelika Rettberg, Co-Director, Transformation and Empowerment
Luisa Salazar, Regional Coordinator
María Gabriela Vargas Parada, Regional Administrator