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Makerere University

Makerere University is a partner on the Livelihood, Land and Rights research theme. The projects under the Livelihood, Land and Rights research theme map and compare gendered intersections of livelihoods, land and rights in Uganda, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Sierra Leone. In the wake of violent conflict, demands for justice are often framed around accountability for violations of bodily integrity, but there is increasing recognition that ‘transitional’ justice and the Women, Peace and Security agenda should also address social and economic rights. This project identifies key gaps in the understanding of the relationship of these rights to gendered power relations to better assess the impacts of state and donor policies and identify good practice.

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Hub project(s):
Beyond War Compensation

Hub member(s):
Gloria Acayo, Hub Regional Manager
Dr Josephine Ahikire, Co-Director, Land, Livelihood and Rights
Dr Amon Ashaba Mwiine, Researcher, Livelihood, Land & Rights
Dancan Muhanguzi, Hub Regional Manager