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London school of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is the lead research organisation for the Hub, which is housed in the Centre for Women, Peace and Security (LSE WPS). The Hub is supported by a management, impact, communications and administrative (MICA) team, based in LSE WPS. Hub Co-Investigators and Researchers at LSE are based in the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, the Department of Gender Studies and the International Relations Department.

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a partner on the Masculinities and Sexualities research theme. The projects under the Masculinities and Sexualities research theme interrogate the contribution of diverse forms of masculinity and sexuality to conflict dynamics, the new forms of gendered vulnerability around masculinity and sexuality produced in conflict, and the transformation of masculine and sexual identities by conflict. While many development programmes continue to operate according to a simple male/female binary, there is an increased awareness that gendered subjects occupy varied and sometimes contradictory positions in relation to social power, and that humanitarian policy has not been sufficiently alert to this complexity. There is an equally pressing need to investigate the experiences that are associated with dissident, marginalised and minority sexual and gender identities in conflict.

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Hub project(s):
Gendered Impacts of Transitional Justice
Feminist Security Politics
Funding Transitional Justice
Men, Peace and Security
Research Methodologies for Women, Peace, Security and Health
Rights Research with Social Media
Sexuality, Work and Gender Relations in Peacekeeping Missions: New Approaches to Tackling Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
Women’s Rights after War

Hub member(s):
Dr Kirsten Ainley, Co-Principal Investigator & Co-Director, Law and Policy Frameworks
Nicky Armstrong, Communications and Policy Engagement Consultant
Dr George Byrne, Research Officer – Conventions
Dr Michelle Callander, International Strategy and Partnerships Manager
Professor Christine Chinkin, Co-Principal Investigator
Dr Giulia Ferrari, Research Fellow, Methodological Innovation
Dr Marsha Henry, Co-Investigator, Masculinities and Sexualities
Dr Milli Lake, Co-Investigator, Transformation and Empowerment
Dr William McInerney, Research Officer
Claire Wilmot, Research Officer
Dr Evelyn Pauls, Impact Manager
Julia Xavier Stier, Central Support Officer