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Lebanese French University

The Lebanese French University is a partner on the Migration and Displacement research theme. The projects under the Migration and Displacement research theme are organised around two premises: first, both conflict-induced displacement (international and internal) and migration in the post-conflict state are highly gendered; and second, the restructuring of the post-conflict state may give rise to competing tensions, including the creation of new opportunities and the exacerbation of ethnic, religious and gender-based divisions which deepen vulnerabilities. The projects collectively analyse the gendered aspects of forced migration arising from conflicts and environmental disasters; the gendered dynamics of international labour migration; and issues of return, reintegration and socio-political restructuring in the wake of international, inter-regional and intra-state displacements.


Hub member(s):
Return, Reintegration and Political Restructuring
Gender and Forced Displacement
Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration

Hub member(s):
Dr Muslih Irwani, Co-Investigator, Migration and Displacement