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Laajverd is an initiative of young people focusing on promoting a culture of peace in Pakistan, through the use of art and culture. Since its beginning in 2007, this student-led initiative has achieved a great deal with regard to its key areas of culture and conflict/peace. The organisation has initiated media programmes for raising awareness on a range of social issues in Pakistan. 

Laajverd aims to stir, sustain and channel exchange and awareness across social, geographic and creative boundaries. Our projects reflect this; in their experiments with communication and designed interactions; in their geographical, participatory and audience diversity; and in their staunch refusal to buckle to convention.

Twitter: @Laajverd

Hub project(s):
Culture and Conflict
Gender and Forced Displacement
Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration
Return, Reintegration and Political Restructuring

Hub member(s):
Tahir Abbas, Project Manager
Maria Ameer, Research Assistant
Zeeshan Ghani, Programme Manager
Amna Javed, Research Associate
Kiran Rahim, Research Associate