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Amani Institute Uganda

Amani Institute Uganda (AIU) is a think-tank, a research-based institute established to promote rights, peace, justice and development through knowledge generation and people’s empowerment. Located in Gulu, northern Uganda, Amani conducts research, documentation, policy analysis and strategic programming. Amani’s mission is to enhance local research capabilities and localise the impact of research within the region.

Amani conducts action-oriented research, legislative and policy advocacy, capacity building, training, stakeholders’ engagement, civic education, career guidance and mentorship.

Amani’s core strength lies in its local embeddedness, and wide national, regional and international networks and strategic partnerships, as well as its integrated approach, combining experience sharing, research, training, advocacy and outreaches.


Hub project(s):
Beyond War Compensation
Legacies of the Disappeared: Missing Children and Parental Harm in Protracted Social Conflict
Women’s Rights after War

Hub member(s):
Stephen Oola