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Al Hayat Center for Civil Society Development

Established in 2006, the Al-Hayat Centre for Civil Society Development is a research-based, independent non-profit civil society organisation that works to achieve sustainable development in Jordan, through local and regional capacity building of communities to address current and future development challenges.

This is to be achieved through empowering positive attitudes and ethics that encourage creative thinking, scientific problem solving and decision making, appropriate local and regional planning, and proper public participation, and promote equality, equity, justice, and community service, on individual and organisational levels.

Al Hayat aims to promote accountability, governance, public participation and tolerance in Jordan and the region within the framework of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, taking into consideration gender mainstreaming in public policy and action.

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Gender, Governance, and Peacebuilding: Institutional Reform in Jordan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka

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Mai E’leimat