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Tanya Bhat

Policy Researcher, Transformation and Empowerment

Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network

Tanya Bhat has a Master’s degree in Organized Crime, Terrorism and Security from the University of Essex, UK. She is particularly interested in the latest developments in the field of Sociology/Criminology. On the Gender, Justice and Security Hub her focus remains on developing policy and practice around gender, identity, displacement, violence and security intersectionalities. Tanya is one of the select group of young people from Jammu and Kashmir, India on an international research project: “Project Transcendence, Action and Leadership: Mapping Peace Systems through Youth Dialogue: A Research Project in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, India.” The project looks into various thematic areas including ‘healing and justice’, spirituality and religion, sexuality and toxic masculinity, dialogue and leadership.

Areas of interest

Community and development work; reading; research