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The Hub’s research agenda is driven by the desire to create beneficial impacts. We are creating pathways designed to access, engage and influence the stakeholders and beneficiaries who are most critical to the achievement of the Hub’s five outcomes.

  • Creation of new knowledge and conceptual frameworks and development of research methods and sector good practice; 
  • New knowledge and advocacy networks that amplify the voices of women and marginalised groups to catalyse change across issues and sites; 
  • Institutional preservation and reform in focus countries, underwriting inclusive security and just peace; 
  • Local and global policy change on SDGs 5, 16 and WPS agenda
  • Capacity and capability development across research and MICA roles at Hub partners and beyond. 

To create this impact, the Hub will produce a wide range of academic publications, facilitate global networks between scholars and activists, engage with stakeholders locally and internationally, train civil society and government actors and aim to influence policymakers at local, regional, national and international level to advance progress towards gender justice and inclusive security in conflict-affected societies.