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Feminist Ethics

In order to uphold our commitment to a feminist ethics, we will:

1.1 Be attentive to, and work towards overcoming, power inequalities and inequitable gender dynamics within and among Hub participants and Collaborating Partners.

1.2 Build equitable partnerships between organisations working within the Hub.

1.3 Adhere to the highest ethical standards in our research design and practice, knowledge production, knowledge dissemination, impact and capacity building work. This includes being attentive to risks to ourselves and others arising from our work on the Hub and using the Hub’s safeguarding principles and policy, risk register and risk management process to mitigate risks.

1.4 Seek to ensure equitable access to resources, opportunities and prestige across the Hub.

1.5 Develop cooperative, collaborative, inclusive and, as far as possible, transparent decision-making processes, applying policies and procedures which have been made available to those they are applied to, and recording a clear rationale for important decisions. The commitment to transparency should be balanced against rights to privacy and confidentiality.

1.6 Communicate in ways that are positive and respectful, that promote or support the participation of people whose voices are often marginalised and that allow a diversity of points of view to be expressed.

1.7 Support healthy work-life balance, career development and capacity building for Hub participants.

1.8 Engage in open and honest discussion about concerns or difficulties as soon as possible after they arise.

1.9 Practice regular critical self-reflection and remain open and accountable to feedback from Hub participants and the Advisory Board.

The commitment to a feminist ethics does not align the Hub or its participants to any particular understanding of feminism or what it means to be feminist, nor does it assume that different understandings can necessarily be reconciled or overcome.