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Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration

27 July 2021 | Online

This event was held on Zoom on 27 July, 12:00 – 13:30 (BST).

This session presents results from the “Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration” project studying the economic and socio-cultural practices, including gender discrimination, of female international labour migration, and their experiences during Covid-19. It includes results from interviews conducted with female migrants and NGOs in major cities in Turkey (Istanbul), Pakistan (Islamabad), Kurdistan Iraq (Erbil) and Lebanon (Beirut).

This research contributes to a better and decentred understanding of gendered migration beyond the typical focus on movements from the Global South to the North, but encompassing South-South and North-South migrations and covering a range of employment and diversity of situations beyond the commonly studied domestic and care sectors. 


Dr Jiyar Aghapouri ( @JiyarAghapouri ), is a Post-Doctoral Researcher on the Migration and Displacement stream. Jiyar is a postdoctoral researcher with the Hub. He has obtained his PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of Auckland. His research and teaching areas are migration, diaspora, ethnicities, nationalism, online research methodologies and international relations of the Middle East. On the Hub, Jiyar is working in the project of Return Migration, Reintegration and Political Restructuring. He is also involved in two other related projects: a) Gender and Forced Displacement; b) Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration.

Dr Zeynep Benlisoy is a Post-Doctoral Researcher on the Migration and Displacement stream. Zeynep works as a postdoc researcher based in Turkey working with the Co-Investigator, Dr. Ezgi Tuncer at Kadir Has University, on the Migration & Displacement stream within the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub. Zeynep’s research focuses on the gendered dynamics of labour migration as well as forced migration and displacement in Turkey. On the basis of critical and feminist theories, Zeynep works on the Gendered Dynamics of International Labour Migration project through data gathering and analysis.

Professor Eleonore Kofman is Co-Director on the Migration and Displacement stream. Eleonore’s research focuses on theoretical and empirical aspects of gender and migration, especially the implications of families on the move and transnational social reproduction. On the GCRF Hub, Eleonore is undertaking a project on the gendered economic and social dynamics of labour migration in selected Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.

Dr Charbel Maydaa ( @charbelmaydaa ) is Co-Investigator on the Masculinities and Sexualities stream. Charbel (he/him) is the founder and Former director of MOSAIC, as a holistic programme committed to the improvement of the health and wellness of LGBTIQ persons in the MENA region. Since 2004 he has been promoting LGBTIQ rights. He is a certified trainer on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics, Reproductive Health/Rights and Clinical Management for women and men Survivors of Sexual Violence/Rape and has facilitated more than 150 trainings at national and international levels.

Kiran Rahim is a Research Associate on the Migration and Displacement stream. As a Human Rights Law graduate with a background in Politics and International Relations Kiran is currently a research associate at Laajverd. As a part of the hub, Kiran is working on migration and displacement projects: gendered dynamics of labour migration In Pakistan, gender and displacement Afghanistan and Return, Reintegration and Political Restructuring (Pakistan). She has taught courses on Human Rights in International Relations and International Humanitarian Law as a visiting faculty at International Islamic University Islamabad. Kiran also volunteers at community-based initiatives on youth development in Pakistan.

Dr Ezgi Tuncer is Co-Investigator on the Migration and Displacement stream. Ezgi researches migration and displacement; space-place and place-making practices; city, space, power and contemporary art; border studies and political philosophy. In addition to her recent articles such as “Border as ‘Zone of Indistinction’: The State of Exception and the Spectacle of Terror Along Turkey’s Border with Syria” published in Space and Culture and “From Melling’s Harem to Eviner’s: Displacement as Parrhesia” published in Third Text, she continues writing an essay series on ‘Food, City and Everyday Life’ in online design magazine, Manifold ( .