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Art and Peacebuilding: art installation tour and discussion

29 July 2021 | Online

This event was held on Zoom on 29 July, 17:00 – 18:00 (BST) / 11:00 – 12:00 (COT).

This is an invitation to explore the online gallery “The times of listening” (“Los tiempos de la escucha”). This exhibition is led by professors Eliana Sánchez and Jaime Patarroyo of Universidad de los Andes and contains different workshops she has done with women from Bojayá (victims of the armed conflict). She calls the workshop a “minga” (a collective endeavour) of senses of reconciliation, in which participants cover their eyes and turn to their senses to understand what they feel, what they smell and what reconciliation tastes like. Sánchez and Patarroyo will discuss how the properties of the material impact on people’s feelings and understanding of reconciliation.

This event was held in Spanish.

Chair: Dr Angelika Rettberg( @rettberg_a ) is a Co-Director on the Gender, Justice and Security Hub and is a professor in the Political Science Department at Universidad de los Andes and a Co-Director of the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub. Her research focuses on several aspects of the political economy of armed conflict and peacebuilding, such as the relationship between legal resources, armed conflict, and crime, the dynamics of transitional justice and reconciliation, and business behaviour in contexts of armed conflict and peacebuilding. On the GCRF Hub, Angelika is pursuing a project on the relationship between reconciliation and development, with an initial focus on Colombia.

About Eliana: Eliana Sánchez is a designer, weaver and a feminist. She is an assistant professor in the School of Design and Architecture at Universidad de los Andes. In her work she weaves spaces for collective creation and material discussion in which textile work is front and centre. She researches and produces textiles as forms of particular thought, as technologies of touch and as vehicles of transformation for those who make them. Eliana studied Design in the National University of Colombia, has a Master’s Degree from the Swedish School of Textiles and is currently enrolled in the doctoral programme on Human and Social Sciences at the National University of Colombia.