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A Focus on Colombia

A women holds up a sign for peace in Colombia
29 July 2021 | Online

These events will be held on Zoom on 29 July.

As Colombia celebrates the 5th anniversary of the peace agreement reached in 2016 between the government and FARC, Colombia still faces numerous challenges. All of these stand at the intersection of gender, justice, and security. On Thursday 29 July we will focus on both the bitter and the hopeful faces of transitional Colombia. With panels showcasing ongoing research on Colombia as well as bringing together representatives of the Special Peace Jurisdiction, the Truth Commission, and several civil society organisations, and the presentation of several arts-related initiatives we will shed light on the multiple paradoxes faced by the country, including ongoing violence, inequality, and profound social unrest combined with the consolidation of transitional institutions and novel political and economic processes in many Colombian regions.

Join us for a conversation on the Colombian context in terms of peacebuilding, conflict and justice, with a special focus on gender and how it has evolved on the national agenda, from the perspective of policymakers in the Transitional Justice framework.
This is a conversation with civil society representatives from Colombia. It will explore three main questions: 1) What progress has been made regarding gender issues on the country’s peace agenda? 2) What are the main challenges facing the country’s peace agenda, in particular the inclusion of gender components? 3) What are the main commitments of civil society to strengthen gender issues on the peace agenda in Colombia?
Civil society members speak from behind a table
An invitation to explore the online gallery “The times of listening” (“Los tiempos de la escucha”): This exhibition is led by Eliana Sánchez and contains different workshops she has done with women from Bojayá (victims of the armed conflict). She calls the workshop a “minga” of senses of reconciliation, in which participants cover their eyes and turn to their senses to understand what they feel, what they smell and how they taste reconciliation.
Hub researchers will present preliminary results from their research projects ‘Land Reform, Peace and Informal Institutions’, ‘Navigating Colonial Debris: Structural Challenges for Transitional Justice in Colombia’, ‘The effect of cash transfers on gender violence during the Covid-19 pandemic in Bogota, Colombia’ and ‘Political Economy of Gender and Reconciliation.
Banners for peace hand outside a house

Image credit: Agencia Prensa Rural (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)