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Equitable Partnerships

The Hub’s approach to establishing and nurturing partnerships is grounded in a feminist ethics. In practice, this means we believe in the following:

  • Hub members should be attentive to, and work towards overcoming, inequalities of power and gender within and among collaborating partners
  • Hub members work to build equitable partnerships that don’t prioritise between research and practice, geographical location of partners or create hierarchies between institutions in the partnership
  • Make decisions in a way that is transparent to partners and involves partners where relevant and possible
  • Communicate with partners with respect, let different views be expressed and give partners whose voices are often marginalised a chance to be heard
  • Create an environment in which no partner is treated less favourably because of their role on the Hub, age, disability, gender (including gender identity), ethnicity and race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, parental and caring responsibilities and social and economic background.