New on the blog: Doing Women, Peace and Security better: Opportunities for the next UK National Action Plan


Evelyn Pauls shares valuable insights on participatory peacebuilding approaches and lessons learned from her work with female ex-combatants.
ow can civil society be supported and enhanced in post-conflict scenarios? Despite the recognition of their added value and importance, NGOs often come under significant strain as they guard the frontline of accountability during conflict and are often seen as the guardians of the peace agreements post-conflict.
With plans to do fieldwork in Kathmandu, Bogotà and Belfast, bookended by conferences in Beirut and Freetown, we had an exciting, and busy, 2020 planned. And then, of course, came COVID-19, and travel was suddenly the last thing on our minds.
Although the Victims and Land Restitution Law has been in force for ten years, on average, two out of every three land restitution applications is…